Oahu Outdoor Yoga Lesson & Adventure

Oahu outdoor yoga tours are a popular adventure among yoggies and adventurers looking for an experience like no other. We handpicked the best Oahu outdoor yoga guides that offer a unique yoga lesson with an outdoor activity.

Stand Up paddle yoga near Waikiki is a great way to start your day. This is a fun SUP yoga class for all experience levels. It’s easier than you think and includes a Stand Up Paddle Lesson with a yoga session. You’ll feel refreshed and adventurous!

Destination Yoga Class is a custom yoga lesson at a location picked just for you and your group. On this outdoor yoga tour, you’ll be taken on an adventure to a location with amazing ocean or landscape views. Doubled as a yoga class and hiking tour, this is tour has been growing in popularity because of its thrilling experience.

Yoga and hike Tour