Pink Pillbox Hike, Oahu, Hawaii

Pink Pillbox Hike On Oahu

The Pu’u O Hulu Hike, most commonly referred to as the Pink Pillbox Hike, is located on the West Side of Oahu. On your journey to the top, you’ll find stunning ocean and mountain range views with five pillboxes along the way. It’s easy to find the beginning of the trial from Kaukama Rd, just…


Lulumahu Waterfall, Lulumahu Falls, Lulumahu Trail, Oahu Waterfall, Oahu Hike

Lulumahu Falls on Oahu, Hawaii

Lulumahu falls hiking trail, is a popular hike that leads through thick rainforest to a beautiful 50ft waterfall. The hike offers a beautiful bamboo forest, landscape mountain views, and rocky streams. Although it’s a popular hike, during the weekdays there aren’t a lot of people when compared to other Oahu waterfall hikes like Manoa Falls.…


Olomana Three Peak Trail Oahu, Three Peaks, Hike, Oahu

Three Peaks Hike on Oahu, Hawaii

Three Peaks dramatically protrude from the Windward landscape, casting a perilous backdrop to the beautiful beaches on the east coast of Oahu. There is something about the peaks that give this hike a mysterious but thrilling vibe.

Lanikai Pillbox Hike on Oahu, Hawaii

Lanikai Pillbox hike is quite popular at sun rise especially with early-risers of all ages watching the sun light up the sky. This hike is the perfect way to start your day on a positive note while surrounded by some of Oahu’s finest scenery.

Kahana Bay, Oahu, View on Crouching Lion Trail

Crouching Lion Hike on Oahu, Hawaii

Crouching Lion Hike is located on the coastline of the Eastern side of Oahu, in the mountains of Pu’u Manamana. It overlooks the beautiful Kahana Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The hiking trail is about 1.6 miles to the top – 3.2 round trip. The elevation on this hike reaches to about 2,000 feet depending…


Chinaman's Hat Hike, Top of Chinaman's Hat, Hiking Tour, Oahu

Chinaman’s Hat Oahu Hiking Adventure

As you breath in the warm sea air from the top of Chinaman’s Hat, spread your arms wide open as to welcome all of your world problems, because at that moment you’ll have absolutely none. Every new experience on Oahu seems to be a spiritual one and this hike will be nothing less. This short and refreshing workout adventure is perfect…


Oahu Hike, Manoa Trail, waterfall hike

Manoa Falls Hike on Oahu, Hawaii

Everyone who visits Oahu should have Manoa Falls Hike on their Hawaii vacation bucket list. It is a very popular hike on Oahu for many good reasons like: The trail is only a short drive from Waikiki or Downtown Honolulu, the hike is well maintained, you’ll pass through thick rainforest and bamboo trees, its a…